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Incompatible application

As you know there is no perfect software, it is constantly developing, acquiring new functionality and error, it happens sometimes, so that the difference between them is virtually indistinguishable. In addition to program their own mistakes and errors in the OS adds more bugs of various system software such as device drivers, firewall, antivirus, etc. that lead to violations of other applications or the system as a whole. This article lists programs incompatible with FlylinkDC++:

  • NVIDIA ActiveArmor, he also NVIDIA Firewall, he also NVIDIA Application Filter 1), not compatible with other applications that use p2p, such as µtorrent2) - leads to critical errors in the operation: “crashes” and memory leaks. Additional information is available here.
  • Adguard (Only the first version)3) - lead to critical failures (crashes) applications. Additional information is available here.
  • NetchartFilter - now the project is closed - lead to critical failures (crashes) applications. This application is an ancestor of Adguard therefore to solve the problems must be completely removed NetchartFilter and install the latest version from the official site Adguard4).
  • Naomi web filter проект заморожений в 2006 р. - призводить до критичних збоїв (падінь) програми. Додаткова інформація знаходиться тут.
  • Venturi Wireless Software 5) - наводить до критичних збоїв (падінь) додатки. Додаткова інформація знаходиться тут.
  • Aml Maple 6) - lead to critical failures (crashes) applications.
  • Trojan-PSW.Win32.LdPinch.ajgw 7) - This software is a virus, please check your computer!
  • not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.AdMedia.a 8) - Program advertising, advertising inserts into other programs. IMHO - is a virus that must be removed.
  • Browser Manager 9) - Toolbar for browsers, is a critical application failures. For me as aggressive policy, and undeletable such software puts it on par with viruses.

At detection of incompatible software FlylinkDC++ informs the user about it immediately after the start, shows the dialog box shown below with a warning about possible errors in the program and offer to show this help.

Please note that after any user response FlylinkDC++ will continue to work, but the stability is not guaranteed. Unfortunately the only way to fix these errors are remove conflicting programs and search for alternatives.

Шановні користувачі якщо ви самостійно виявили несумісну програму будь ласка повідомте нам про нього і ми внесемо його в даний список.

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