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The directory and files structure of the FlylinkDC++ program pack

  • AVIPreview.exe — Quick preview Program for partially loaded video files
  • FlylinkDC.pdb — FlylinkDC++'s development file, which need to create an error report
  • PortalBrowser.pdb — PortalBrowser's development file, which need to create an error report
  • Sounds/ — Sounds of programs
  • BackUp/ — Backup settings directory
  • FlylinkDiscover.exe
  • Readme.rtf
  • Themes/ — Сolor themes
  • EmoPacks/ — Graphic emoticons
  • Lang/ — Localization files
  • unins000.exe — Executable file to remove the program from your computer
  • unins000.dat — Data file to remove the program from your computer
  • Scripts/ — Server scripts directory for network administrators (installation is optional)
    • getip.php — Returns the IP-address of the computer that caused it
    • test.php — Checks the availability of IP-and UDP-ports through firewalls and routers
  • FlylinkDC.exe — Main program executable file FlylinkDC++
  • PortalBrowser
  • Settings/ — Configuration files directory (when installed in the “Program Files” may be absent, but its files are placed in user\appdata\FlylinkDC++)
    • Favotites.xml — Favorites hubs and users information
    • DCPlusPlus.xml — Basic program settings
    • IPTrust.iniIP filter configuration
    • custom_menu.xml — Example file menu provider's
    • CustomLocastions.ini — file describing the network
    • CustomLocastions.bmp — Network logos
    • CustomCompressExt.ini — List of incompressible files
    • ADLSearch.xml
    • FlylinkDC.sqlite — Program database
    • FlylinkDC_log.sqlite — Log of program database
    • GeoIPCountryWhois.csv — GeoIP database (determines the addresses belonging to its geographical location)
    • files.xml.bz2 — File list (transmitted to clients in the network when you request a list of files)
    • Emptyfiles.xml.bz2
    • FileList/ — folder where to put downloaded from the network clients to file lists
    • Logs/ — folder containing the records of the program (created when the option is in the program)
  • WEBserver/ — files needed for web interface
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