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General Settings

Personal Info

Name - Required field - The name you want to display to other users
E-Mail - Optional field - For your contact info
Description - Optional field - For a short description of what you're sharing


Specify your upload speed, this is purely informational and doesn't effect anything

Add to description

Amount of slots - description will show the number of slots you have.
Speed limit - displays the bandwidth limit you set in your description


Here you may select one of the supporting language from List. If you have not found your language you may click in link “Is your language not displayed?”. There you may see the progress of translating, help or correct existing translate.


Connect to support hub on each startup - if you do not have any hub and do not know that to do with this program or have any trouble - set this box on and we will try to help you.

Allow the program to collect and send anonymous usage statistics to developers - To improve the reliability and stability of the program, we sometimes need to collect statistics on its use, loads the operating system and hardware. This information will be collected and analyzed in an automated manner and after processing source information will be destroyed. We assure you that no personal information will not be transmitted to the developers. If you do not wish to provide such information - uncheck the box.

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