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Key features

Key changes

* Integrated browser DC++ portals
* Ability to create an exclusive installation for your network
* Built-in SQLite 3.x1)
* Rating «shara»2)
* Providing information about the value of bitrate for audio files (*. mp3) in a share (it helps to assess the quality)
* Providing information about the time of hashing files (it helps to find a “fresh” files)3)
* Supported languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusia, Spanish, French
* Automatically connect to selected network hubs when you first install
* Maximum number of segments increased to 200 (in Strong/Apex max-10), in some cases to raise the speed upload
* Information about the hash is automatically added to the NTFS stream, and when you rename, move, including to another computer, the file hash will not have to
* Support for custom dynamic menu4)
* RSSManager5)
* Integrated IP-filter (to avoid downloading a “toll” the network - in this case is allowed to sit at the hubs, since blocked only download / upload, the firewall can not establish such rules.)
* When searching and downloading the file list - wears a file already being in your share, additionally maintains a database in SQLite download to save the information that was uploaded earlier (visually eliminates reloading)
* Correct work under Linux in Wine (the program detects the fact of starting an emulator and transparently adjusts its settings6)
* In the chat does not distort the transmitted magnet by the smileys.
* Support chat-bot7) - Advanced spam prevention system based on built-in software options, partial or complete shutdown PM, as well as using external boat8), allows very flexible configuration to filter by key phrases or words (supports regular expressions)
* Show the city / ISP (determined by IP)
* Eliminated booted out of public hubs Ineta (external traffic)
* Built-in support for media player control: Winamp, AIMP, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Media Player Classic, JetAudio, QCD, QMP
* In the network settings, added a reference to the test ports and determine their own IP
* AutoUpdate IP at startup and at set intervals during the work
* List file contains additional information about media files
* Automatic updates
* Support for national domains, such as Cyrillic domain .рф
* The most convenient and functional web interface to all DC++ clients
* Automatic detection of possible conflicts with other software

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