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Options on this tab:

  • Auto-away on minimize (and back on restore) - set your status to “Away” in rolling program. In the opposite direction is also working
  • Clear search box after each search - automatically erase your request before the next search
  • Backup Settings at startup- startup is backup copy of settings
  • Use file extension for download to in search
  • Install URL handler on startup (to handle dchub: links) - tells the system what program to open links dchub:
  • Install magnet URI handler on startup - when first detected Magnet links program asks what to do next time
  • Don't delete File-lists when exiting - tells the program that she does not need on exit delete lists of files downloaded from users
  • Automatically disconnect users who leave the hub - sometimes it happens that the user is disconnected from the hub continues to download your files. When you install this item, it (the user) will be switched off.
  • Don't automatically disconnect favorite users who leave the hub - if running setting up, your “friends” will also be switched off. This option does not do that.
  • Break on first ADLSearch match - auto search terminates on the first found result
  • Enable safe and compressed transfers - the ability to use compression when sending
  • Accept custom User-commands from Hub
  • Always use passive mode for search (use only if you know what this doing) - If the search does not work please tick this item
  • Send unknown /commands to the hub
  • Send bloom commands (ADC only)
  • Debug ADC protocol
  • Debug NMDC protocol
  • Activate search/user list filter by pressing Enter - for a list of people hub, the filter is activated by pressing Enter
  • Show shell menu in finished transfers
  • Enable $HubTopic support
  • Open log files internally (performance may decrease when opening huge log files) - latest correspondence opens in FlylinkDC++
  • Preview text files in external program
  • Store IP in a SQLite database (Column Last IP)
  • Use custom menus
  • Enable DHT. Publish shared files on DHT and use it for searching alternate sources
  • Show seekers in Search spy (uses some CPU!)
  • Reduce process priority if application is minimized to tray - may be useful on a heavily loaded PC
  • Keeps a SQLite log file in a memory. It may cause database corruption due an error in the program or system.
  • Use magnets in players spam
  • Use Bitrate/Sample fix for QCD/QMP players
  • Do not get media information from hashing files
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