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I want to create my free preconfigured installer of program FlylinkDC++ What? (RU) with following parameters:

Select the country your network is located at. For example, USA.

The country is needed to identify the proper network location.

Specify the city your network is located at. For example, Pasadena.

The city is needed to clarify the location of the network in the country.

Enter the name of your ISP's network. For example, Cyberdyne SkyNet.

In the cities there are hundreds of providers. Enter the name of your one.

Enter e-mail of your network administrator. For example,

E-mail will be used for updates of the hubs in the future.

You have to agree with processing of personal data (tick).

Specify the address of the hubs manually ...

Please provide at least one hub in any of the following ways.

... or upload files of configured FlylinkDC++
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